Thursday, February 21, 2013

PRADA Milan Collections fall 2013

Dear Miuccia,

I just wanted to know “what’s up with the new collection?’  I get the impression it is all about “dishabille” or looking like an unmade bed.  I mean really girlfriend, with that stringy oily hair and the clothes hanging off one shoulder or hanging off one hip… what’s up with that?  Then there are those fur cuffs slapped on the sleeves of coats, suits and dresses and those wipe the table sleeves you are using.

But, Miuccia, I know you don’t like to make women look beautiful in your clothes, something you truly excel at, but you must be slipping as there were a couple of crisply  tailored coats and suits that might be confused with pretty … are you sure you are okay or do you need your meds adjusted again?

Now dear, I know you are really still in the business of selling bags, odd gew gaws  and shoes much more than selling your “ugly” clothes but hell …  now even the shoes are not pretty  nor feats of engineering and those bags can easily be pressed croco or printed vinyl.  Did you not do your wildly overpriced costume jewelry this season?  You tire so quickly of these things; do you suppose it could be A D D?  Well you did mange to find fabric that couldn't possibly look scratchier!

Regardless have fun with Anna and Suzy and Stefano as they will all be dying to use these clothes for the editorials come September and they are also hoping your advertising budgets are on the ascent.  I am sure Anna is selecting something that you will have to redo to her specs as none of it quite fits her neat as a pin anal retentive look.  Enjoy them all with my blessings.  Oh and just toss Suzy a bag as she is too old to wear the shoes or the clothes.

So anyway... carissimi ... I know you have been waiting to hear from me ...regards to Patrizio and don’t be a stranger ... amore della mia vita .. ciao ciao .. un milione di baci... talk soon


P.S. ..Doll, you have to get a new supplier for the metallics and leather looks like leftover upholstery vinyl from The Factory!  And didn’t you get the memo about NO MORE PLATFORM SHOES! Ciao ciao ..again..baci  baby!

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