Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Gucci Milan Collections fall 2013

What started out reasonably sane took a wrong turn and then got lost by the time evening rolled around.  Mama Mia, Ms. Gianinni seems to be at home with the tailored pieces, even to the point of presenting some stellar moments and then things get real shaky.

The frond print was most attractive in the navy olive combination while the engorged  Prince of Wales was, well… De trop!  It might have worked better had it not been so over enlarged as the choice of silhouettes for the print were not compatible to the print... the whole exercise would have benefitted from a fuller pant and a more reasonable choice of jacket.  While we are on that subject, how did that “McQueenesque” /Dior suit find its way into the lineup?  There were a couple of fabulous coats in black and suits, in a total teal monochrome in broadtail with  monkey or goat , I am guessing, and then one in brown tones, berry which perfectly chic but lacking any relationship to the brand DNA.  Speaking of which, the signora certainly took a liking to snakeskin which on its best day is not easy to like or work with but she sure did try to convince us that it was fabulous…. Fail! Then… I cannot ignore the feather pieces shown  for evening.. what on earth was she thinking?

The bottom line is that the show was a definite hit and miss affair.  It was sparsely accessorized and conceivable that it might have looked a lot better if the models were not styles to be as hard as nails. I am, at this point, questioning what exactly does the Gucci client look like and wear and want!  The zig zagging and constant changes in the essence of the collection seem to change every season which brings me back to one of my other favorite statements… It’s a good thing they don’t depend on clothes to make their bottom line!

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