Sunday, February 10, 2013

Alexander Wang .. New York Collections fall 2013

As far as I can see here, we have a stew.  The ingredients of that stew include a dollop of Nicholas Ghesquiere of Balenciaga fame, a tablespoon of Jil Sander, a pinch of Dries and god only knows what else I am missing in this mélange of references used in the Alexander Wang show for Fall 2013.

From the first exit, you knew you were going to see some pretty scary stuff.  Can we talk about the Yeti over the elbow fur gloves or maybe the boxing glove fur mittens?  Nothing spells grace more than ape like arms and hands or maybe I should say paws!.  Add to this a conglomeration of clumsy odd shapes with emphasis on the inflated shoulder and the hip cool factor and there you have it; a hot mess if not for the fact that this is not a collection for the menopausal as the clothes look “hot” just by appearance and by hot I mean sweat or hot flash inducing!

Yes, the collection is rife with luxury fabrics and yes with its fair share of more experimental fabrications but where exactly are these clothes being worn?  Why would a 20 or 30 or even 40 something , who is a size 2-4-6, want to encase herself in these squat boxy unflattering shapes?  So yes, the offering appears to be luxurious but surely not even approaching elegant nor practical nor light of hand.  There is a profuse amount of fur, which suits me fine, but it appears so heavy handed; it is the difference between the “ting” of tapping the rim of a Baccarat flute or dropping a book onto a carpet … if you catch my drift.

And once again we see the dropped waist and the low slung pants and the clumsy criss cross draping which I am sure every woman with the slightest insecurity about her mid-section is longing for.  This is once again design for design sake; no thought process other than I wanna be fabulous and aren’t I just fabulous and see how talented I am.  All of that would be so nice to see and yet there isn’t one clue or hint that would lead anyone to that conclusion.  Good luck Monsieur Pinault!

And yes the fawners will be oohing and aahing til Milan and then Mr. Wang will be a memory until the September issue. My question is simply who will want this stuff, who will wear this pile and who will be able to afford it?  Why don’t you chew on that for a while and get back to me…

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